Bulletin # 08-14

Bulletin # 08-14



April 11, 2014





  1. Double-back dispatch will be on a rotation system.  All day men will check-in on the Day Double-back board, all night men will check in on the Night Double-back board, and all I.D.’s will check in on the I.D. Double-back board.  

  2. Day and night men may pick up their Double-back card at the Dues window on the Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday before the Regular Membership meeting scheduled for the first Thursday of every month.  They must be turned in after the membership meeting.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  3. A day person who has a comeback cannot take a third shift job.  A) A night person who has a comeback cannot take a first shift job; B) A night person who has a comeback on a third shift cannot pick up a second shift job.  C) A night person who picked up a second shift job cannot pick up a third shift job until his job is finished.  

  4. A man can work no more than two (2) consecutive shifts.

  5. To be eligible to Double-back, a member must have been available, worked, or not passed, any job in his category.

  6. Each person must add his or her hours worked on their respective Board.

  7. All Double-back jobs are one shift only.

  8. You cannot Double up on a Double-back job (i.e. If a day person Double’s back on a second shift, finishes early, he cannot pick up another job on the second shift).  The same pertains to a night person.

  9. Any person violating the Double-back Rules will be handled through the Grievance Committee.


First Offense: - 6 month off Double-back

Second Offense – 1 year off Double-back

Third Offense – Indefinitely off Double-back Board, or other penalties the Grievance Committee sees fit.


  1. All Double-back Boards will be marked in RED with the date where they started and stopped.  The peg will stop after all work except UTR’s has been exhausted.  UTR’s will be marked up if it does not clean the board.

  2. Everyone will have a turn at a job in rotation.  Everyone will have a choice between 6:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m., or 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. starts.

  3. All men who Double-back, including steadies, must be dispatched through the Dispatch Hall.

  4. All Double-back boards will be called after all “A” & “B” men, steadies, and all Class “A” & “B” visitors who have not worked in their home Port.

  5. A member may pick up only his or her own job (i.e., one man, one job).

  6. There will be no hungry sheet on the night side for the Double-back.  If a day man wishing to Double-back has worked an extended shift and has missed Double-back, he can call the Night Dispatcher after 7:00 p.m. to see if any work is hanging, and if there is work hanging he may come down to the hall and sigh in on the reference sheet including, their name, work number, vessel worked, time released, and berth number prior to picking up another job, as long as he falls under the criteria of Rule #5.  The same pertains to a night man.

  7. Barrels will be provided for members to turn in their Double-back cards at the Membership meeting.  Those who miss check in will volunteer off the floor.

  8. I.D.’s may pick up a Double-back card at the Dues Office.  Cards will be available for pick up on Thursday, Friday and Monday the day of your Stewards meeting.  All must be turned in on the Tuesday, after your Stewards meeting by noon at the Dues office.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  9. The Casual Board and Swamper Board persons are limited to dock signal jobs only, and at the discretion of the Dispatcher.





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