Bulletin #03-18

Bulletin #03-18

January 25, 2018




If you do not meet the work hour requirement for Marine Clerk of 1300 hours for the year 2016 and 2017 you will need to submit documentation for a Waiver of Work Hours.  Please gather the following documentation in the event it is requested.   In the past the Employer has required “Employer Picks” to meet a work hour requirement of 2000 hours. 


  1. Supplement 1-A, Section 9.11 of the PCLCD – Request for Waivers

“Transfer applicants...must have worked the required hours to have qualified for a 2-week basic vacation in each of the previous 2 years.  This requirement may be waived for up to a maximum of 1 year for individuals off work due to industrial illness or injury.  Any transfer applicant who fails to meet this requirement during one or both of the two years previous to a Clerk transfer decision because of their disability may apply to the Joint Port Labor Relations Committee for a waiver of the requirement.”


  1. Required documents for processing of Request/Referral:
    • Explanation in writing from the member regarding time off (include beginning and ending dates, if you returned on light duty, etc.)
    • Quarterly breakdown of “Hours by Occupation Code” (from PMA payroll) for both years requesting waiver or copy of current Pension Participant Status Report.
    • Doctor’s notes stating the beginning and ending dates of disability.  If the member came back to work on “light duty”, the doctor note should also state the restrictions or only able to work as not to exacerbate their physical condition or cause further injury.
    • Worker’s Compensation documentation:  LS208 – Notice of Final Compensation.  If a member’s Worker’s Compensation case was controverted, State Disability payments needed (see below).
    • State Disability Payment history:  First and last paystubs from State Disability which justifies the length of time out of work.  A member may also obtain from the State Disability Office a complete payment history which shows all days Disability was received.  

If you have any questions, please contact Paula Pope at Local 13 (310) 830-1130, ext. 131.

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