Tri-Party Bulletin #02-14

Tri-Party Bulletin #02-14

November 14, 2014


On Thursday morning November 13th, numerous protestors positioned themselves at numerous terminals in the Ports of LA and LB. These protestors have indicated their intent to continue protests and rallies at numerous Marine Terminals for at least 5 days. If you show up for work and find large or unruly crowds of protestors blocking your path or individuals/groups making verbal threats IMMEDIATELY get to a safe place and call your Business Agent. ILWU members have the right to stand by when our health and safety is compromised or threatened by these types of crowds.  As a Union and as individual rank and filers we cannot condone or support any attempts to block the ILWU workforce from going to work or shutting down the port. The Employers have an obligation under the PCMSC (Safety code) to provide a safe and hostile free workplace for the rank and file and the Union will be monitoring these protests and our employer’s actions very closely to guarantee the health and safety of every single Foreman, Marine Clerk and Longshoreman.


If you experience any problems or have any questions call the BA or Officers immediately!


An Injury to One is an Injury to All

In solidarity,

Bobby Olvera, Jr.                                  Joe Gasperov                                        Daniel Miranda

President, Local 13                                President, Local 63                                President, Local 94


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